5 Reasons Why Men Will Always Fall In Love With Good Girls

By | April 2, 2016

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Even though men will always like and be infatuated with bad girls, good girls will always be their primary choice in the end. They will always commit to and love them forever. But what makes men fall in love with good girls to the point of surrendering themselves completely? Read on to find outs.

Honesty is her virtue

Good girls are an open book constantly showing their emotions when hurt so that he can apologize instead of letting it drag on for weeks or months. Moreover, the fact that she does not manipulate him or continuously ask for lavishes is something quite appeasing to men which leads them do the exact opposite.Men love honesty in their relationships.

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She doesn’t compromise on loyalty

Generally, faithfulness is more important to men than even the sexual part and men can be assured that their good girl will always stay by their side despite what happens. Furthermore, since he can’t always be 100% every time since life is a dangerous escapade with ups and downs, you shouldn’t be surprised why you will always find men falling in love with them.And bearing in mind that this an age that is full of strong temptations, money and seduction at every corner, a man who has a good girl can always be assured that she will valiantly resist all these things and remain loyal no matter what. A loyal woman will always win a mans heart.

She’s supportive no matter what

She also always places others needs before hers and always support her man by telling him he is the best and can overcome anything that is standing in his way. Even when he falls sick, she is there to nurture him instantly and concoct “out of this world’’ potions to make sure he is back on his two feet. So why wouldn’t any man fall in love with her?

She’s so forgiving it’s scary

It goes without saying that men will sometimes be cruel when angry and do unforgettable actions or say very hurtful words. Despite all this, their good girl will always have that compassion to forgive these things. Moreover, she won’t hold any grudges. In fact, she will pray for him to become better and hopefully come to his senses.
Her supreme weapon is the ability to be so compassionate and kind to the point it makes him angry with himself for letting her down. Thus, all men will force themselves to face their misgivings and solve the issue instead of having continuous arguments.

She pushes him to be better

When he has an important goal to achieve, she will always be there to push him towards it because she wants him to improve. Even when he fails, she always appeals to his pride by calmly and gently telling him to face his obstacles instead of marinating in his misery. Furthermore, she always motivates him to be a good man by being a good girl and woman.So if you are still asking yourself “why do men fall in love with good girls?”

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