Emotional Triggers to Make a Man Love You! Romance Advice For Women

By | April 4, 2016

It is a question that has eluded millions of women. It is a fascinating quest that makes almost every woman think about. What is it that will make him love me forever? What is the thing that will make me the most attractive in his eyes? Every woman wonders about the answer to this riddle. It is the fear of losing her prized possession to someone else. Women always try to hold on to a relationship in a way so as to never let it go. Everyone knows that relationships are very delicate. A slightest tug can create unending ripples. And another thing is quite certain, that men believe in vibrant and dynamic relationships. Even if once they feel that a relationship is losing its charisma, it may spell doom. So what is it that can keep him hooked to it? Lets find out.

1. Accept changes

Every person changes with time and so do their habits, likes and dislikes. If you love a man today, then you must realize that in future, the person may not be the same, but you must accept that change. You must be flexible because that is the key to being happy with that person forever. The relationship improves if you happily adjust to the changes that are happening in your lives. For instance, your partner has to move to a new place and you also agree to move out with him willingly. Such an action will show him that you accept his changing situations in a great manner.

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2. Accept his imperfections

No person is perfect. A woman should accept her man with his imperfections without hesitation. He may have some bad habits which are disliked by her but that shouldn’t mean that she should nag him all the time for that. Men absolutely are mad about the women who accept them along with their faults, are quite easy to get along with and are really amusing. Even if his habits disturb or bother you, you must avoid nagging him. And if for any positive habit of him, you praise or compliment him, he is sure to get really very impressed and will shower his love on you. And that will make him love you forever.

3. Show no jealousy

You should never be jealous of any other woman your man spends time with. Men are attracted towards women who are confident and self-assured. If you doubt his actions and let him know that you feel jealous, it will prove that you have less confidence in yourself. Your insecurities may be create a rift between you two and lead to an untrustworthy relationship. But if you seem to be at ease even when your guy spends time with other women, he will be drawn towards you like a magnet.

4. Word power

You should choose your words well while speaking to your man. Words have the power to make them love you forever. Men need to be praised and appreciated. The words have all the power to captivate a heart and influence a man completely. Your sweet words and expression of love will make his heart melt and you can mould a healthy relationship with him.

Another trigger that can cause a man to fall hopelessly in love is acceptance of him just the way he is. Most of us, men included, are accustomed to being criticized for the way we act, the way we look or our persona in general. Many men come from a dating background in which they were told they needed to change to accommodate a woman’s ideal. If you accept your guy just as he is and you tell him that you love him exactly for who he is, he’ll be overcome with emotion for you. We all want to be accepted with our flaws so show him that you do and he’ll see you as someone very, very special.

Needing him may not seem like an emotional trigger that would make a man fall in love, but it is. Every man wants to feel he’s the prince charming his woman has been searching for. If you need him in very real and tangible ways it will cause him to feel closer to you. For instance, ask his opinion on something like what car you should be buying or if he’s knowledgeable about the stock market, ask for some investing advice. If you make him feel that he can help you in ways no one else can, that will create an instant bond between you two. It’s one of the most powerful ways to get a man to want to be with you and only you.

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